About Me



Christina Vazquez (Zeman) MA is a practicing psychotherapist specializing in relationships

and womens’ mid-life issues. She has received advanced clinical training in heart-centered hypnotherapy from the Wellness Institute as well as certifications in Reiki, EFT and Law of Attraction coaching.

Although Christina has been in personal development arena for the about the last 17 years, she has had a life-long passion for personal growth that far exceeds any formal education. Her consistent personal study of the “science of relationships” integrated with the spiritual aspects, brings a higher approach to marriage and committed unions.

Christina brings an authenticity to both her work with clients as well as her writing. She transformed her personal journey through the challenge of marriage into a classroom that brings relativism and hands on experience to her coaching style and results for clients.

Christina is a mother of three beautiful adult daughters and also a grandmother of three.

She resides in the southwest suburbs of Chicago with her life partner Bruce and two dogs. In their spare time Christina and Bruce share a passion for music where they perform at local venues as an acoustic act. As suggested by the author, the couple actively incorporates the model of personal and spiritual growth within the context of their commitment for the evolution of their collective and individual life’s purpose.

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