To Cherish….

It takes courage, real courage to get 100 percent honest with our self. Not even 95 percent is good enough to be hard-core honest with ourselves. And I absolutely know you have the courage within you to get to that level of honesty with how you are feeling in your marriage and, more importantly, about yourself within the marriage. Trust me! I’ve been there … it’ takes guts to face the truth of our hearts head on but by Design, we are more than given the tools to stand in front of that mirror and see reality. I was that confused woman who could not decipher what was true for me and what wasn’t – sitting in a dark hole without a compass. It’s a dark, heavy, scary place, but I am here to tell you there is a way to unveil the truth of your heart. I am honored to aid you on this exhilarating journey. Together, we’ll explore every woman’s desire to be cherished by her partner so much that she develops herself into finding her true purpose. It’s a very different way of looking at marriage than either the religious traditional model or the “each man for himself” modern style. I came to discover that I had that desire to be not only loved but cherished by my father as a child and  later, a husband, too. It was quite the process for me to discover that it was this missing piece in my soul that left me feeling crazy at times. And that it does not need to be this way………..You see, one of the definitions I found of the word cherish is to “cultivate with care.” Cultivate? Grow or prepare? Grow or prepare for what? For whatever we are here to do! For all we are meant to be! I, with every cell of my being, believe this is the Truth of what the sacred contract of marriage was intended for. It is in the energy of being cherished that we flourish into a way of being that serves us and our world for all’s highest good, living at our highest potential. 

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