The Honest Heart….

One of my favorite lines from the movie A Few Good Men is when Tom Cruise insists on the truth from Jack Nicholson. And he replies with “You can’t handle the truth.” When I saw that movie back in the day the impact of that line did not have near the relevance that it does now. The very first vision board I ever did back in 1998, I put a bright light smack dab in the center and cut out the letters T R U T H to put below it. Sometimes we forget what we ask for; we may not even be aware we asked for some things. A prayer to me is a desire of the heart, audible or not. In Universal terms, an intention. We are sending intentions with every thought we have. Thoughts emit energy just like a light bulb emits light! Positive or negative – I believe the ones we hold in commitment to ourselves always show up. ……..The hardest thing about being boldly honest with ourselves is then we will have to live in the angst of knowing we need to do something about what we see in our situation or self. Denial is a powerful coping mechanism. 

It protects from what we are unwilling to see because we believe we are not capable of handling the reality of it. It’s EGO . It protects and preserves us. The truth sometimes is brutally painful to see whether it’s a loss of a loved one, diagnosis of a terminal disease, or owning the reality of another person’s abusive behavior to us. Honestly, the most challenging piece of my own transformation process has been owning the truth about myself and how that has caused damage to another person. So if you choose to take this road less traveled,….self-evaluation or purging can be brutal but necessary.. Not to mention the anger and unforgiveness toward oneself for the years of giving your power, not using your voice….…I had to stop blaming others and realize I allowed all of it. I chose to be the victim because I did not believe at the time that I had the power, courage, or strength within me to change myself or my circumstances.

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